Our national project, Speak Now, aims to prevent forced marriage and other forms of modern slavery in the home, through education, awareness-raising and collaboration with service providers, frontline communities and young people from across Australia.

Our Approach

Forced marriage, and other forms of modern slavery in the home, can happen to anyone from any background. These practices are often hidden and misunderstood, but can have devastating consequences for the individuals, families and communities affected. Best practice research and experience tells us that the most effective approach to achieving positive change is through community engagement and capacity-building.
Speak Now’s participatory approach strives for the genuine inclusion of diverse experiences and perspectives. We recognise the complexities and misconceptions around forced marriage in particular, and aim to address these through meaningful engagement with young people, communities and others whose voices are often excluded from these conversations. By working with young people, communities and service providers from across Australia, we hope to raise awareness around forced marriage and other forms of modern slavery in the home, and build their capacity to respond to these situations in their everyday lives.

Project Initiatives

From now until June 2022, we will be collaborating with frontline workers, communities, young people and people with lived experience on the following initiatives:

  • Co-designed resources – for frontline workers, communities and families on how to identify, address and prevent forced marriage and other forms of modern slavery in the home.
  • A podcast series – a conversation starter on forced marriage, featuring the experiences and expertise of people from diverse professional and personal backgrounds, including people with lived experience.
  • A youth campaign – co-designed with young people, the online campaign will promote consent-based decision-making and raise awareness about forced marriage and healthy relationships amongst young people.
  • Consultations about My Blue Sky – our national forced marriage website, which will be updated through User Experience (UX) workshops with young people and individuals with experience in forced marriage.

Get Involved

We are looking to collaborate with people who have encountered forced marriage (or other forms of modern slavery in the home) or think they may in the future – whether in their professional, personal or family life.

Do you work in one of the following areas?

  • Secondary or tertiary education
  • Youth work
  • Health, including the disability sector
  • Family and domestic violence
  • Migrant and refugee settlement
  • Faith communities.

If so, we would love to collaborate with you on co-designing resources for your area of work and/or include you in our podcast series. Please express your interest via the link below.

Are you a young person aged 16–23 or do you work with young people in this age group?

We are recruiting young people to co-design the youth campaign and consult on the My Blue Sky website and other resources. If you would like to apply as a young person, or help us spread the word with young people, please express your interest via the link below.

Do you have experience or an interest in forced marriage, whether personal or professional?

We invite people with prior experience or expertise in responding to forced marriage to join our consultations on improving My Blue Sky. Please express your interest via the link below.

We also welcome anyone with personal experience or an interest in forced marriage (including survivors, family members and community leaders) to potentially contribute to our podcast and co-designed resources. To discuss how you can get involved, please express your interest via the link below.

Please submit your expressions of interest here by Friday 22 October 2021. To learn more about this project, please contact the Speak Now team at ASAresearch@uts.edu.au or (02) 9514 3834.

We are committed to inclusive practice and welcome participants from diverse genders, sexualities, ages, abilities, cultures, ethnicities and religions.


Speak Now is funded by the Department of Social Services (DSS) under the National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children 2010–2022.

All information gathered as part of this research project will be handled in accordance with strict confidentiality, ethics and child safety measures.