What We Do

1 in 200 people are victims of modern slavery. We’re on a mission to change that.

Our work with survivors of modern slavery informs everything we do.

Free Legal and Migration Services

For almost two decades, we have been the only specialist centre providing free legal and migration services to people who have experienced or are at risk of modern slavery in Australia.

Our clients contact us directly through our national advice hotline or My Blue Sky, our dedicated forced marriage website. They are also referred to us by the Australian Federal Police, Australian Red Cross, and other community support organisations.

We have assisted hundreds of clients across every state and territory in Australia, who have been trafficked, enslaved or forced to marry in Australia.

Through our holistic, person-centred approach, we help our clients navigate the legal process including providing advice and assistance on immigration, citizenship, employment law, family law, criminal law and victims’ compensation.

Our work enables survivors of modern slavery build positive futures for themselves and their families.

Research and Advocacy

Our research is grounded on a unique combination of practical, firsthand experience with survivors, coupled with academic rigour as part of the UTS Faculty of Law.

We conduct research, work in partnership and undertake commissioned work.
Our research areas include modern slavery, human trafficking, forced marriage, dowry abuse, online sexual exploitation of children, asylum seeker exploitation, survivors’ perspectives and modern slavery reporting requirements.

As the only specialist organisation which works directly with victims of modern slavery as well as a range of community, government and industry partners, we are uniquely placed to provide advice and support on issues of victim identification, remediation and reparations.

To find out more about the ways we can support your organisation through research and collaboration, please contact us.

Training and Advisory

We raise awareness and deliver modern slavery training to frontline and community workers, government officials, law enforcement, private sector employees, as well as students and educators.

We can partner with you and your organisation to raise awareness about modern slavery, train and build the capacity of your team on how to recognise and respond to modern slavery in their roles, and help you to develop or more tightly focus your modern slavery response.

We have a track record of excellence and we are recognised by government, business, frontline service providers and community partners as a professional and trustworthy source of information and advice.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Anti-Slavery Australia uses proceeds from our training and advisory services to enable us to provide nationwide, free legal and migration services to survivors of modern slavery in Australia.