Ms Kandal, a 17 year old girl, contacted police on 4 May 2010 stating that she was being taken to Lebanon to be married against her will by her mother and perhaps other family members. Her flight had been booked for 19 May 2010. Ms Kandal was living with her mother and step-father however she claimed that both her father and step-father supported the decision for her removal from Australia.

Ms Kandal gave enough information to the police that they were able to verify her identity and her place of residence. She stated however that she wanted minimal involvement from authorities and wanted to be placed on the airport Watch List.

The Family Court made an order against her mother, father and step-father to restrain from removing or attempting to remove the girl from Australia and to surrender her passport to the court. She was also placed on the airport Watch List and an order made under s68B of the Family Law Act 1975 for her mother, father and step-father to be restrained by way of injunction from assaulting, threatening, harassing or intimidating her.

Case Citation

Kandal & Khyatt & Ors [2010] FMCAfam 508