The Community Relations Commission for a Multicultural New South Wales adopted an inquiry into the exploitation of Women through Trafficking.

Anti-Slavery Australia commends the commitments that both the Commonwealth and NSW Government have made in combating slavery, servitude and trafficking. The continued investigation into the nature of all forms of exploitation of people in commercial and private situations is essential to a best practice response at all levels of government. Anti-Slavery Australia submits that the identification of trafficked people is vital to ensure their protection from further harm, and to ensure that they receive appropriate service, To this end, Anti-Slavery Australia provides that training of NSW police and government agencies is critical as is a process to articulate available support services and identify any gaps. Anti-Slavery Australia submits that the Australian response to trafficking and related crimes has evolved considerably over the last 5 years, with legislation and policy developments making a real difference to the lives of trafficked people. Anti-Slavery Australia concludes that the next step is to build better networks in NSW across community and government, linked to national initiatives.

Anti-Slavery Australia Submission to the Inquiry into the Exploitation of Women through Trafficking (2012)