Anti-Slavery Australia was asked to make a submission to the inquiry by Ms Sophie Dunstone, the Committee Secretary of The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee. Anti-Slavery Australia strongly supports the universal jurisdiction of slavery offences as envisaged by section 270.3A of the Criminal Code Act 1995. Anti-Slavery submits that this legislative amendment will assist Australian law enforcement agencies to investigate allegations of slavery offences wherever they occur. Anti-Slavery Australia recognises that the restrictions set out in section 270.3B requiring permission of the Attorney General to prosecute slavery offences which take place wholly outside of Australia are consistent with other Code offences carrying extended jurisdiction as set out in Division 16.1 of the code. Anti-Slavery Australia notes that the legislative changes are consistent with Australia’s obligations under international law.

Anti-Slavery Australia Submission to the Inquiry into the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Psychoactive Substance and Other Measures) Bill 2014 (2014).