In June 2010, Child Protection of the Department of Human Services in Victoria received a report that V, then aged nearly 14, was not attending school. The report suggested that V’s parents were intending to have her married.

Following the report, the Department interviewed V and applied to the court for orders preventing her from being removed from Australia. In the interview, she stated that she was engaged for one month to a 17 year old man whose photograph she had seen. She had little knowledge of what would be required of her after the marriage, especially with regard to sex. When questioned about the facts of the application, V’s mother did not dispute their accuracy.

The court ordered an interim injunction to prevent the removal of V from Australia prior to her 18th birthday. The court also retained her passport and placed an injunction on her parents from applying for a new passport for V until she reached the age of 18 years.

Case Citation

Department of Human Services & Brouker and Anor [2010] FamCA 742