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Modern Slavery in Supply Chains

Slavery happens in Australia and in every region of the world.  Many of the products we use every day have been found to be made by enslaved and trafficked people. This includes electronics, bricks, clothing, medical equipment and seafood.


Exploitation can occur at any stage of a supply chain. Due to the global nature of production and trade, exploitation that occurred at an earlier stage in a supply chain, e.g. in Uzbekistan, India or Cambodia, affects the goods you can buy in Australia and around the world.


This is why Anti-Slavery Australia is advocating for the introduction of strong supply chain laws, to ensure that Australian consumers can be confident that the products they buy and use are not made by enslaved or exploited people.



What is happening in Australia?


In the last year, huge steps have been taken towards introducing laws to increase the transparency of supply chains of large organisations.

There have been a number of State and Commonwealth government inquiries into human trafficking and modern slavery. Additionally, the business community has shown increased interest in tackling human trafficking and slavery in supply chains.


Find out more about what's happening in Australia and what you can do to tackle slavery and exploitation in supply chains HERE

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