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Hidden Exploitation: Women in forced labour, marriage and migration

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand commissioned Anti-Slavery Australia in partnership with the Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning at the University of Technology, Sydney, to prepare an evidence based review in relation to labour rights for women and girls in Australia.

The report examines emerging areas of concern and focuses on the labour rights of Indigenous and migrant women and girls, women in transit, trafficked women and women who migrate through forced marriage.
The research aimed to identify emerging problems for migrant and Indigenous women and girls and to identify gaps in services and legal protections. The outcomes of the research are intended to be used by Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand to guide resource allocation and the development of new services, research and advocacy strategies. The initial focus will be on forced and servile marriage, an emerging issue in Australia and for Australians.

You can read the full report here.

The Anti-Slavery Research team included:
- Jennifer Burn, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at UTS and Director of Anti-Slavery Australia;
- Jemma Hollonds, Research Officer for this project;
- Kate Power, Research Assistant;
- Frances Simmons, Lawyer and Research Associate at Anti-Slavery Australia;
- Pam Stewart, Acting Director of Anti-Slavery Australia and academic in the Law Faculty at UTS.

The research team is grateful for the additional assistance of Joanne Pugsley and Grace Thangasamy, who completed Practical Legal Training with Anti-Slavery and who assisted in this research.


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