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Whole of Government Strategy

Australia's first National Action Plan to Combat Trafficking in Persons was implemented by the Australian Government in 2003. More recently, the current National Action Plan to Combat Human Trafficking and Slavery 2015-19 provides a strategic framework for Australia's response to human trafficking and slavery. The strategy is founded on three important needs:

  • Prevention of human trafficking and slavery

  • Detection and prosecution of offenders

  • Provision of support for trafficked people.

Anti-Slavery Australia works in partnership with the Australian government to abolish human trafficking, slavery, servitude and slavery-like practices such as forced labour and forced marriage.

Partnership with the Attorney-General's Department

Anti-Slavery Australia has a strong partnership with the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department (AGD). We have collaborated with the AGD on a number of initiatives including:

  • Membership of the National Roundtable on Human Trafficking and Slavery

  • Membership of the Communication and Awareness Working Group on forced marriage

  • Membership of the Supply Chains Working Group

  • Development of the Guidelines for NGOs working with trafficked people

  • Launching a comprehensive e-learning course covering all forms of slavery and human trafficking with funding received from the Australian Government

  • Launching My Blue Sky, Australia's first website dedicated to forced marriage prevention, information and legal advice with funding received from the Australian Government

  • Making submissions in response to Attorney-General Department discussion papers on emerging issues.

Interdepartmental Committee on Human Trafficking and Slavery

The Attorney-General's Department also chairs the Interdepartmental Committee on Human Trafficking and Slavery (IDC). The IDC comprises of eleven government agencies that provide oversight of Australia's response to human trafficking:

  • Department of Social Services administers the Support for Trafficked Peopled Program that provides assistance to victims of human trafficking, slavery and slavery-like practices including forced marriage and forced labour. The Program is delivered by the Australian Red Cross.

  • Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet

  • Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) ensures compliance with workplace laws such as minimum pay rates. The FWO also investigates and takes legal action against exploitative employers. Anti-Slavery Australia and the FWO continue to collaborate on a number of cases.

Australian Human Rights Commission

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is an independent statutory organisation dedicated to the promotion and protection of human rights in Australia. Anti-Slavery Australia has collaborated with the AHRC on a number initiatives including the development of the Guidelines for NGOs working with trafficked people.


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