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Modern Slavery in Supply Chains

Slavery happens in Australia and in every region of the world.  Many of the products we use every day have been found to be made by enslaved and trafficked people. This includes electronics, bricks, clothing, medical equipment and seafood.


Hidden in Plain Sight report a huge step forward in the fight against modern slavery

Anti-Slavery Australia welcomes the final report of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade’s Inquiry into establishing a Modern Slavery Act in Australia, which outlines a way forward in the fight against modern slavery in Australia and overseas.


Congratulations to the 2017 Freedom Award Recipients

Recipients of the 2017 Anti-Slavery Australia Freedom Awards were celebrated at the ceremony held at the University of Technology Sydney on Wednesday 08 November.

Guests gathered at the ceremony on Wednesday evening to celebrate the outstanding work and contributions of individuals and organisations for initiatives against human trafficking, slavery and slavery-like practices.


Behind the Screen: Online Child Exploitation in Australia

The online sexual exploitation of children and young people is emerging as a significant issue in Australia and around the world.

The low cost and ready availability of sophisticated technologies, coupled with widespread internet access has put children and young people at an increased risk of abuse through online grooming and procurement tactics. The use of new technologies to produce, disseminate and store child exploitation materials has also resulted in offenders having unprecedented access to tens of thousands of images of child abuse.
Australian offenders are among the most prolific, and the impact of local offending can be seen both here and overseas, particularly in the commission of online abuse of children and infants.


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