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IMPORTANT NOTE: These case studies depict examples of the various types of slavery that exist in modern Australia. They are intended to give you an insight into the experiences and vulnerabilities of the people we assist. Because ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of our clients is of the utmost importance to our legal service, these are not the stories of individual clients. However, the elements of these case studies are based on the experiences of our clients and other people who have experienced slavery and trafficking in Australia. We hope that you find them informative.
Maria,   Philippines, 24

Woman enslaved in relationship

I was hoping to start a new life in Australia, earn money to send back to my family and grow to love my fiance. But everything promised to me about my life in Australia was a lie...

Sun, Korea, 22

Sex worker, bad work conditions

I was excited to come to Australia because I was told that I could do sex work legally and get a good rate of pay. I wanted to set myself up financially ...

Prishen,   Indian, 43

Family member exploited in a restaurant

'I would never have thought that my own relatives would force me into labour. But without any money, I felt I had to work to repay them ...'

Guntar,   Indonesia, 25

Construction worker exploited on site by subcontractor

I was not given any information about working conditions and fair rates of pay in Australia. Now that I know I feel like I have been taken advantage of ...


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